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May 30, 2012

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We added some cool buttons to our FB page. Now you quickly glance through products via Facebook, and also join the mailing list.
Check it out!

We added some cool buttons to our FB page. Now you quickly glance through products via Facebook, and also join the mailing list.

Check it out!

May 25, 2012

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Table Arbre by Charles Kaisin

Tabletop supported by trees, seeming to make it come alive.

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May 25, 2012

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K was featured on A Woman Who, a short film series on creative and successful women, created by our friend Matt Maniego.

Check out the site for more:

May 17, 2012

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color, pattern, story

color, pattern, story

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May 16, 2012

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May 16, 2012

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May 15, 2012

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Stacking boxes

Stacking boxes

May 15, 2012

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Apr 17, 2012

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Denim and shirting updates, plus neckwear that combats AIDS!

Hi there!

Hope you all had a great weekend! We have a few updates we’d like to share with you on the current status of production, and what we’ve been up to here at the HQ.



We’ve been visiting the factory a lot to check on the status of our current line of shirting. Despite their major workload with other local companies and a handful of employees out on vacation, they’re making great progress with our orders.

As we mentioned before, there have been huge delays this round that were out of our control. However, every party involved is working really hard to have production completed by the end of the month (but hopefully a little bit earlier).

Even though we’re the company producing these goods, we know what it’s like to be a customer, and we’re grateful beyond words for your patience and understanding. Just know we can’t WAIT to get these shirts to you.

As for the denim, 90% of the orders are complete and we’ll start shipping out this week. Since this is our first go at denim, we’ve had to create a process with our pattern maker and sewer that works for everyone. Little tweaks are still being made, but the process is improving every day.

Neckwear that combats AIDS!

Get Us To LA

This past Thursday we attended an event called Get Us To LA, a fundraiser and silent auction for our friend Neil’s team who’s participating in the Aids/LifeCycle. Can you believe all the participants ride their bikes from San Francisco to Los Angeles (300+ miles) in a span of 6 days! That’s some dedication right there.

We donated some 5&B accessories to auction off, and all proceeds went to the fundraiser. It was a bunch of fun and our ties got quite a few bids at the silent auction.

Show your support, save on a tie

It would mean a lot to us if you donated even just a little bit to help our friend and his team get to LA. He’s so close to his goal and only has a month or so left to raise the rest of the money to participate in the race. If you donate at least $15 here, we’ll send you a coupon code for 20% off any accessories in the 5&B Shop as a small thank you for your support.

Just send us a little note letting us know you pitched in your $15. Here’s the link one last time:

Talk soon!

Mar 16, 2012

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Today’s your last chance to order one of our shirts on pre-sale.
Don’t miss out! This is a great collection and you probably won’t see them again.
Check the shirts out here:
And let your friends know!

Today’s your last chance to order one of our shirts on pre-sale.

Don’t miss out! This is a great collection and you probably won’t see them again.

Check the shirts out here:

And let your friends know!

Mar 14, 2012

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On passion, persistence, and being the little fish in a big pond

Hey guys,

I thought I’d share this story in the hopes that maybe you can relate.

The other day we were talking to the factory manager about our upcoming production round. She and K were discussing the details and since I wasn’t fully involved in the conversation, my eyes sort of glazed over and began to wander around the big room.

I noticed there were multiple carts next to us, completely filled with rolls and rolls of fabric. Each roll was one-quarter to one-half feet thick, which translates to hundreds of yards.

You can just imagine how many shirts hundreds of yards can make. Basically, big time production. The companies who owned the fabric are other menswear brands who clearly are a little further along in the game than we are.

At that point I started feeling a little disheartened. I started to wonder if there was a missing piece, something they were doing that we weren’t, which allowed them to reach that level. I wondered what we could do to get there more quickly.

When that kind of doubt creeps in, it can be a bit discouraging. We put a lot of work into Fifth&Brannan, but when you’re so close to the action, you tend to forget how far you’ve come, and the progress and size of others you watch closely seems like a fuzzy light at the end of a really long tunnel.

And then, slowly, I started to realize that these companies have been in the game at least a few years longer than Fifth&Brannan has. Most likely, they were feeling these same pangs of self-doubt a few years ago when they were just establishing themselves.

K and I could’ve stopped before we even started. There are plenty of menswear companies out there, plenty of competition, plenty who have already established a name and reputation. Some people would look at that situation and give up before they even tried.

I’m thankful we pursued this venture of ours. We have a growing customer base who happens to be the most supportive group of individuals we’ve ever met. We regularly receive emails telling us to keep it up, that our clothing is among the best-fitting garments they own, that they’re happy they found us.

We’ve had people purchase Fifth&Brannan gear from as far as Dubai! It’s just mind-blowing. Two years ago, when we were laying out our plans for this company, I never would’ve thought something that we make would be worn by a customer in Dubai. I’m still amazed at that thought.

Sometimes you build momentum, and that momentum slows a bit or hits a plateau. But you’re so accustomed to your current state that you forget about all the work it took just to get where you are.

If you ever feel that way, take a step back and truly appreciate what you’ve went through to get to where you are now. This should give you a little surge of energy, make you feel more appreciative, and supply you with the strength to keep going.

The point of all this is: You owe it to the world to do what you love, to have passion for your work. There are too many people going through their daily lives on autopilot, doing what has to be done, regardless of whether or not they have the desire to do it. There’s honor in that responsibility, but really, you only have one life.

If you feel a strong pull to do something, do it, and keep at it. If you plug away a little each day, eventually you’ll build momentum. And when you hit a plateau, don’t let your discouragement last too long. Keep in mind that the people whose level you hope to someday reach were once in your position, thinking the exact same thing.

So take what you want. Do the best you can with what you have, and work with what you’ve got. Start small, build momentum, and watch opportunities open up to you.

Stay up late, work hard, do anything to make progress on a project you feel unwavering passion for, whatever it is that makes your mind race and keeps you up at night.

Stop delaying and telling yourself you’ll begin tomorrow, because really, that day will never come.

And since every step counts, take a small one today. Right now. Just do something that will take you one step closer to reaching your goal.

I want to thank you guys for coming along with us on this journey. It’s been fun building our company alongside you, and we appreciate the trust you put in us and the willingness to support us by buying Fifth&Brannan. We really believe in what we’re doing, and we just want to make really great clothing a guy can appreciate and feel good wearing.

If you have thoughts or comments on anything, would love to hear from you below.

Till next time.


Mar 9, 2012

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simple and lovely.


WIWT - Gray Knit - 3/2/12

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Mar 8, 2012

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texture, pattern, color: check, check, check.
love it

texture, pattern, color: check, check, check.

love it

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Mar 8, 2012

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Mar 7, 2012

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Over at Fifth&Brannan (our menswear label, for the uninitiated) we’ve been busy preparing for our latest release.

We’re happy to announce Jack, our made-to-measure trouser denim.

Pick your EXACT size, place your order, sit back, and within two weeks, you’ll have your new favorite pair of denim, made especially for you.

One craftsman (not a whole factory) will construct your pair from start to finish. True artisan craftsmanship at its finest, indeed.


Don’t forget, we also have our new collection of shirting available for pre-sale, and we’re closing orders for these on 3/16.

Don’t wait! Pick up a shirt while you can, and we’ll make it for you.

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